DIRECTIONS: Read the article titled, “God’s Renewed Humanity” by N.T. Wright. As you read, consider his
argument that Paul’s message concerns the fact that the God who created the universe has acted decisively, in
Jesus, to renew the universe in a transformative and climactic way. Additionally, consider the following questions
as you read:
  • What does Paul’s Gospel (Proclamation of the Kingship of Jesus over the universe) of Jesus reveal about the
current predicament of humanity?
  • What does Paul’s Gospel reveal about God’s character, since he desires to solve our predicament?
  • What does Paul’s Gospel reveal about the intentions God has for humanity?
  • What does Paul’s Gospel reveal about what we should DO when we are confronted with the fact that the
Lordship of Jesus (as the one rightful Lord of the Universe) is not a mere theological question, but is a
statement about reality, a proclamation that is true, whether we accept it or not or like it or not?
  • How does the Lordship of Jesus speak to issues facing the poor, the orphan, the widow, the stranger, the
weak, and the oppressed? How does it speak to you and your weaknesses and your strengths?

When you finish reading the article, write an essay (2-3 pages in length, typed, double-spaced, 1” margins, 12-
point Times New Roman font) that engages the reading in an insightful way. Find one or two points in the article
that attract your attention, then summarize the author’s points. Then, respond to the author’s ideas with your own,
bearing in mind that this class is not simply a means to graduate, but is a class where the goal is to learn how to
better fulfill our call to not only believe the Gospel, but to live it. In other words, what in this article speaks to that
goal, and resonates with you? Why?

This paper is due at the start of class on Monday, October 18, 2010.

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