Wiki Workshop Discovery Learning

Let's get hands on! How many of these challenges you can complete in the next 45 minutes? Jan and I will be available for hints. We will review everything together after 45 minutes.


BE SURE TO SAVE OFTEN. (Click Edit again to resume working).

Basic Tasks

  1. Create a New Page. (Do all your work on that page).
  2. Add some text and make it italicized.
  3. Create a bulleted or numbered list.
  4. Change the text style: color, font and size. (HINT: Highlight text first).
  5. Add Heading text at the top of your page. Add a section heading (Heading 2 or 3) as well.
  6. Add a copy/paste hyperlink to an external website (e.g. (HINT: paste and save).

Medium Tasks

  1. Create a contextual hyperlink (like the example at left) to an external website (not a wiki link) that opens in a new window. (HINT: Start by highlighting the text you want to link to).
  2. Create a contextual wiki link to the homepage of this wiki.
  3. Upload and insert a picture from your computer. Resize if necessary after inserting. (HINT: File button)
  4. Attach a PDF file or Word document to your page.
  5. Insert a 3 x 3 table. Add text to each cell. (Names of superheroes, favorite books, random numbers, your name nine times -- whatever you want).
  6. Leave a discussion comment on the home page.
  7. Write some random (unwanted) text at the top of your page and save it. Then check the history of your page. Compare versions and revert to a previously saved version of the page. Be sure to add a comment about why you are reverting.
  8. Under Manage Wiki, be able to show/tell me steps to:
    • Change the design and color scheme of the wiki.
    • Change the privacy settings for the wiki.
    • Invite or remove members.
    • See a list of all the pages on the site.
    • Manage all of the uploaded files.

Stretch Tasks

  1. Add a table of contents to your page. (HINT: Widget > Wikispaces)
  2. Embed a YouTube video.
  3. Insert a linked picture from an external website. Use the Wikimedia Commons to find your image. (HINT: Be sure you are looking at the full sized picture. Right-click the image to copy the link address).
  4. Embed any of the following: Slideshare, Voicethread, Glogster EDU, Wallwisher (HINT: Widget > Other)
  5. Embed an RSS feed for a blog(any blog you want). (HINT: Right click the blog/site RSS icon to copy the link address for the feed).

If you finish early....

Explore the educational wiki examples I have provided.